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The frame is made of kiln-dried beech wood. First Class 18 mm Contra & Chipboard is used in the shaping areas.
The reception set consists of 4 pieces. Each of the pieces in the middle section is W: 190 D: 80 H: 73 cm. Each of the oval pieces is W: 180 cm D: 80 cm H: 73 cm. The oval pieces can be combined to form a circular sofa. When the circle is formed, the diameter is 180 cm. Each piece can be used separately. Italian elastic columns have been stretched to the seating and backrest parts to provide springing.
The cover, which was sewn by using 8cm 32 density gray sponge on the seating part and wrapping 90gr of fiber to cut the sponge fabric connection, was upholstered on the frame. In the backrest part, it was upholstered by using 5cm 28dns sponge and wrapping 90gr fiber.
3 cm 28 Dns. around the outer perimeter of the seat. Sponge is used. Polypropylene is used in the sofa legs.
It can be produced with or without a back. The connection between modules can be produced with hook connections or independently (without hooks).

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